Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos


I have literally just got in from the Sting and Paul Simon concert.  Sting is supporting facial hair.  Goodness!  It's brown too not blond.  His hair is a little curly/wavy too.  Their voices complimented each other really well and it was a good concert.  Paul Simon comes up to Sting shoulder and Sting is still whippet like but not as much of a whippet as Mick Jagger.  Anyhoo, my dancing was mainly done with Simons songs.

Before all of that nonsense  I went to Redhead to walk the Hs and Surfest had moved there due to beach closures at Newcaste, Bar Beach, Dixon Park and Merewether because of an unconfirmed sighting of Bruce or Bruce Jnr.   Honestly, I am beginning to think Trisharooni's story of the man who dresses up as a shark to keep the beaches to himself has some credibility.  There were board riders and SUAs while I was there but what caught my eye were these dolphins.  There was a very large pod out hunting.  They were slapping their tails, catching waves and doing a lot of leaping.  Some of the leaping is here if you are interested.  I caught them here catching the wave.  I count about 11 but there were many more than this.  The best surfers I saw all day.

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