The life & times of Jacks

By Jacqueline

Yet Another Valentines Blip

I am sure there are hundreds and thousands of blips with roses/ chocolates/ cards and sweeties etc as the world celebrates Valentines day.  I have no apologies for the fact I am joining them :)

Steve gave me this lovely rose this morning, there were (somewhat deflated but lovely nonetheless) heart shaped flowers on the bed last night and he also gave me a lovely box of chocolates.  I gave Steve "Up at the O2" tickets which should be fab to do when it is a bit warmer, some sweeties and bought us a couple of lovely bottles of wine from the lovely wine shop we have here in Kings Langley.

Steve also has some sort of surprise lined up for me tomorrow - absolutely clueless as to what it may be - intrigued :)

Tomorrow is another day.

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