Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward

Lost day

       No going out in the forest for daring adventures today so you get a quick snap of stuff in the living room.

       No, I'm not a member of MENSA; I think I would not qualify but my flabby brain needs challenging once in a while. The kids' pack is about my speed.

       Listened to the Saturday afternoon play on Radio 4 i Player. Oh, it is now called Saturday DramaJake Liebowitz: A Life in Film a play by Frederic Raphael, about whom Somerset-Maugham was once a touch disparaging (jealousy?).  I read The Glittering Prizes many years ago and watched the 1976 television adaptation.  Tom Conti and the lovely Angela Downe played in it.  A memorable scene was  the television being shot.  Oh dear now I'll have to get the DVD to see it again.

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