You nearly had a twisty photo of me pulling my hair out. I took it, but didn’t have the nerve to post it. I have had a very frustrating day and feel exhausted with no resolution. My big project is to tag selected photos in my vast collection so that they are searchable. My new computer has a good system for this, but it doesn’t work. After applying 3 or 4 tags the system freezes for almost two minutes, during which time nothing else works.

I have persevered through most of my 2009 photos, but this morning I set out to find a remedy. The result was five plus hours of stressful live chat with four different Help guys, exchanges of emails, carrying out all sorts of directions, shutting the computer down and restarting under different conditions, giving them a view of my desktop and going where they indicated. I’m so slow and prone to make mistakes, which made the process much worse. It was awful.

I still don’t know if it will work because I had to stop to make a meal and take some photos before trying the next strategy, which is to log on with a different account. This makes the computer very different to what I am used to. I had to return to the usual account to do my blip.

I’m a wreck!

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