This was growing in the verge of the lane as I went to get my morning paper. A beautiful hot day and according to the BBC 27C in Altnaharra. The BBC are very fond of Altnaharra as only about 5 people live there but I'm at a loss to understand why it so often appears on their weather maps. My guess is that less than 1% of the UK population have any knowledge of this place apart from the constant BBC publicity. The reason I didn't go out this afternoon was because I'm getting a bit like my old Dad. I'll be sitting in my armchair and I think "this is how Dad used to sit", or I'll hold my glasses at the end of my nose to read something and I think "Dad used to do this". Quite frightening really. And he was a "list man" - used to love making records of things like car journeys and petrol consumption. Or electricity and gas usage etc. Computers and Excel came just a bit too late for him. I find myself storing photos in ever more complicated folder structures and tagging them with all sorts of categories. So it's all in the genes as I know I've inherited this "list" obsession. Anyway I spent part of the afternoon going through some recent shots. As I mentioned yesterday I spent some time round the harbour where an oil tanker was delivering fuel. But also came across the MV Kenilworth which just looked like a bit of an old wreck to my untrained eye. But on googling the name it seems to have had quite a history, first in Southampton Water as Hotspur II, and then as a Clyde ferry from 1979 to 2007. Had I known at the time I might have made it my blip.

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