Smiley Happy Faces

On me too!

It was a little windy last night and the leaves still clinging onto the beech hedge from last year, finally scattered to the ground, so it's an interesting juxtaposition (blimey haven't used that word since art college) of seasonal plants - Autumn and Spring together!

I utterly love crocus's - but then, who doesn't?  We have many varieties in the garden planted over the years.  I just wish the temperature would warm up slightly and the sun shine as they're little nectar magnets for early bumble bees!

Thanks for all the comments and stars for my buzzard and kestrel blip yesterday - the quality was so poor, I think that's another reason why I stopped blipping for a while, I wanted to blip perfect quality photographs all the time and the pressure was always on, I just lost the joy of just taking photographs!  It's back now though! :) xx

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