Memorial to 2010's flood victims

There's always some new corner to discover on Madeira and in Funchal itself. Today we found ourselves in an amazing covered market, fresh fish downstairs and fresh fruit and veg upstairs. The busy market was thronging with locals shopping, and tourists, like us, gaping in admiration. It also houses a memorial to the 51 people whose lives were lost when a heavy storm caused a mudslide and severe flooding in the south of the island, and in Funchal in particular, on 20th February 2010.

The two sculptured panels comprise 51 wooden planks, 51 pebbles from the alluvium and 51 "prints and fingerprints of angels painted in white". To me these look more akin to doves. 

Today we enjoyed meeting the lovely orchid99. We sat drinking coffee and chatting, while gazing at the sparkling Atlantic and watching the replica Santa Maria - a copy of Columbus's largest ship - sail by. An excellent venue for a blipmeet! 

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