Alpha and Omega

Yesterday Fluffikens wrote more or less what I’ve been feeling about photography recently:

'Think I'm getting into a rut with my photos. Much as I enjoy it, I don't feel I'm improving. Or maybe I'm even going backwards. I photographed xx yesterday. But my settings weren't good enough, I know that now. I waste time, waste shots, waste opportunities.

I don't want to end up not enjoying photography because I take crap shots. I love it too much. I think I need to use my brain more. Maybe that's it.'

My brain’s not engaged enough. I need to learn how my camera works. (Not this one; the complicated one.) I need to see a brain-shot like this before and while I take it, not after. (Though obviously I did, sort of, or I wouldn’t have taken it.)

It’s time to up my game or go invisible.

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