New Cestrian

By BHPPhoto

Ant & Dec?

Every evening at around 7.30 pm these two guys can be found in the kitchen waiting for their supper. They have various and differing tactics prior to this time that serve as a reminder to us humans that "La Hora de Cenar" is approaching. Charlie (left) uses his full vocabulary of miaows which are often combined with deliberately knocking something valuable from a shelf or a table onto the floor, more often than not it will be my reading glasses or my iPhone. Chancer employs far more subtle but no less annoying strategies such as head-butting and copious licking of my bald patch. Something else occurred to me tonight though. When they climb up onto the kitchen work surface, and yes I know it's unhygienic, Charlie is always on the left and Chancer is always on the right. When, how and indeed why they agreed to this arrangement we may never know. Don't believe me? Look here. So maybe from now on I should call them Ant & Dec. Then again maybe not. That would be far too insulting to the cats!

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