The most delicate Sundew

A poor sleep overnight, our wee house is quite close to the railway lines and a number of coal trains rumble through during the night from the West Coast through to Lyttleton for exporting to China.

Anyrate, we were up before anybody else in the village was and away to a vantage point for the sunrise which was a dead loss!!  However, lots of Kea's performing again, they had a right old time trying to demolish all the rubbers around the doors, half pecked off two of my tripod feet, and the eye piece off a camera (not mine).
While talking about Kea's thank you all so much for many hearts, comments and stars from yesterday's blip.

Back for a porridge (yes porridge) breakfast, then off again to walk the Bealey Track.
Fantastic time we had......photographing landscapes, mountains, beech forests, silky water, fungi, black Robin (poor), Gentian flowers but I've chosen this Sundews (Drosera).  The tiniest of tiniest head like about one centimetre, amazing things.  

This I hand held and I should have used my tripod, but I find them so difficult when the subject is so small.

We're having such an awesome time, take a look at OldTimers which I've just loaded for her on my iPad.


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