New Glasses

I have been wearing the same specs for ..... goodness knows how long.

I noticed things becoming fuzzy when I was about 10 years old, so when I started the "big school" I did so with my first pair. Tortoiseshell rims, no other choice that I recall (and this was before John Lennon made the steel rimmed ones fashionable).

I have no idea how many pairs I have had since, although I have had my existing two pairs for well over 10 years, albeit I have had the lenses changed in that time.

So time for a change, two new pairs.

PS Talking about glasses, out with the bins early evening to see the crescent moon with Venus and Mars close by, and then in the east Jupiter and its four moons. And (briefly) the ISS coming across at an interesting angle, heading south towards West Africa. Fantastic !

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