Sea View

I was up early this morning to head, with my cousin, down to Stony Point on the Mornington Peninsula.  The aim was for me to catch the ferry over to French Island to track down a few koalas, whist Graham stayed at the point to spend the day fishing.  Plan A was thwarted by the news that the ferries had technical difficulties and my return from French Island could not be guaranteed.  We abandoned Plan A.

Now for Plan B - to hunt koalas on the mainland.  Tricky at the best of times, even when you know where they are.  Compared to finding the needle in the proverbial haystack, you're in with a chance if you at least know the position of the haystack!  We did not find koalas but I did come across a wallaby - getting within a few feet of it - and also some stunning scenery.  

We ended up at Cowes on Philip Island where Graham did get out the fishing rod whilst I went off up the beach to see what I could see!  I achieved a large number of photos taken with various slow and slower shutter speeds using filters whilst Graham caught enough fish for tomorrow night's supper!

So today's blip is not the koala I had planned but a dreamy beach scene!

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