Becca's Life!

By BeccaP

Ending a lovely weekend - Lancaster Castle

Today was my last (half) day in Lancaster, so after our porridge we headed to Lancaster Castle, where Sanja and I had a tour while Shree did some work. It still has two active courts and only recently stopped being a prison, which along with the early history of the site and castle made for a very varied tour! We saw a lot of family shields and I learned that the Queen is the current Duke of Lancaster!

We lunched at the delicious thai Blue Moon, where Shreena and Sanja had these beautiful flora teas which were flavoured green tea - very cool!

Soon after it was time for the long drive home through horrible weather - 4.5h despite me keeping to the speed limits when that didn't seem suicidal due to the rain, snow and strong winds.

It was a lovely weekend - hopefully they'll come to Scotland with their boys late summer for our next rendez-vous!

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