By EmilyHeather

Mexican History

I had so many pictures to choose from for today. We started the morning off with another great breakfast - I was brave and tried a Mexican breakfast, Huevos Rancheros. Then we walked along the Reforma past all the monuments, down to the Bosque de Chapultepec and to the Museum of Anthropology. There is a huge column holding up a concrete roof over the patio and around the column water falls creating a pool. The museum goes through human history, it was so interesting looking at all the different people that had lived in Mexico, all the art work and the culture. The way they thought how the world worked was so different but also kinda logical. Mum and I had to stop twice, once for a drink and once for lunch before we had seen everything. We walked back through the park, past the lakes and the castle - I guess because it was the weekend everyone was out having fun! After grabbing a starbucks (located next to the American embassy) we went back to the hotel and curled up with our books. In the evening we decided to just go down the street to a Mexican restaurant and both ordered fajitas! The food was great and there was even a pretty noisy traditional Mexican band that came in half way through 

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