By EmilyHeather

Mexico City!

Woke up to bright sunshine so mum jumped and I dragged myself out of bed and went for breakfast. We had some lovely fruit, bread and french toast of breakfast on colourfully painted plates before we set off to explore. Mum had bought a travel guide so had some vague ideas of where we were off to but we just followed our noses and tried to soak up the crazy culture around us! We walked through a park, Central Alameda, and made it to the main square, Plaza de la Constitucion. There is an amazing cathedral, the National palace and hundreds of restaurants, shops and people. After getting lost, we found the Temple Mayor and found a guide who spoke amazing English and took us around. The ruins are pyramids that have been built in layers over the top of the previous and the history behind them was fascinating. Then we went to find lunch (saw a shop that just sold Coke!) and found a restaurant in a cute courtyard. We were both brave and ordered enchiladas however mum was unlucky and had some horrible sauce drowning hers. Exhausted we decided to hop on a open top tour bus and see all the main sights from a seat! It was great until we got stuck in rush hour traffic, and we had no idea where we were so couldn't get off to walk. Because of the traumatic lunch and we were feeling the jetlag/travelling we just grabbed some amazing pizza's and headed to bed 

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