Bikes #9

An unusual type of bike stand.

I just found it really unusual to find this bike parked like that against that wall. And I loved the shadow too.

I'm blipping late because of my social life again! I didn't have time to go to Portobello because it took me too long to clean the flat this morning, go to the cake shop to get the stuff for the cake I'm doing next week and go to the gym afterwards. By the time I got home it was too late and I had to get ready to go to a 40th Birthday party. I'm just back from there actually. We went to this really nice Italian restaurant in Morningside Rd called "Nonna's Kitchen", which is run by the people who used to run the "Patio". Lovely food! I strongly reccomend it. Since I'd been in the gym, the wine sort of made me a bit tipsier than usual, but I had a great time. Writing this now under the influence of a few glasses of wine and a Sambuca. Hope it makes sense!!

Going out again now to meet a friend who I haven't seen for ages just for a drink. Thank god I'm off tomorrow!! :)

Thanks very much for all your nice comments. I'll catch up with you tomorrow morning! I hope you all had a good day! :)

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