Potty about shells

Today has been a bit frustrating. Early start, early flight, lunchtime arrival in Spain, then a lot of waiting around for the car we have come here to drive on a press launch.

We expected to start driving the new Mazda CX-5 at around 1.30 pm, but only six cars were allocated for 15 UK motoring writers, so it was nearly 5 pm before my co-driver and I got our hands on one.

By that time the light was receding and an evening press conference was looming. We managed to cram in 50 km or so plus a few photos, but it will be another early start tomorrow to have enough time in the car on a longer route before we head back to the airport at around midday.

So it has been a day for keeping calm and adopting a Zen attitude to events. I have found long contemplation of these beautiful shell pots in the hotel foyer rather soothing..

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