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By crenel

Twisted and Conflicted

Is life like a box of chocolates, or is it like a pile of pretzels, with some bits broken here and there and things going every which way? You can probably guess how I'd answer that right now, especially considering that I missed my blip yesterday.

I was doing so well, compared to my recent blip activity (or lack thereof), with two weeks of blips, most of which were in my "50in50" project (50 days in 50mm). And then, due to too many distractions, a missed day.

So... do I quit? That was my first inclination, but my daughter (a new blipfoto member) was quite opposed to that. But what else can I, or should I, do from here? Do I go for a new 50 days, starting today? Do I go for the original 50 days and not worry if there's a gap (or two, or more, as the case will probably be)? Let me just trace a few pretzel-y lines of logic to come up with an answer to that.

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