Grateful Days

By Nickimags888

Shake Your Tail Feather!

It's been a beautiful sunny day today so I took advantage of it and walked up to the shops for some carrots to put in tonight's Bean Crock. A very Jersey casserole that is a wonderful winter dish.

I bumped into a friend and chatted for a while but whizzed off when it started to rain and then hail. Fortunately it wasn't a heavy shower, and I managed to find a more sheltered route nearer to shop as I was running out of time, blipping along the way as you do!

I came home a slightly different way and spotted this lovely cockerel pecking at the ground in a field. I loved the colour of his feathers and the way he was pointing his tail in the air.

This afternoon I did a bit of volunteering at the Jersey Archive for an upcoming talk about St. Aubin's, where Joseph has his piano lessons. It was fun looking at old online newspapers for articles relating to the area. I'm going to go back next week and see what else can be found.!

Today's music track is from The Blues Brothers Shake Your Tail Feather by Ray Charles. It will definitely have you joining in as it's a great track.

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