Desperately seeking

By clickychick

"He's Dead, Jim"

So sorry to hear, today, about the death of Leonard Nimoy, aka Mr Spock in Star Trek. a TV series from my youth which has just kept on and on, boldly going forward.

This news came on a day when I had been driving along, six weeks after mum died, thinking that the feeling of loss was just starting to kick in. I had looked after her and visited her in hospital for so long. She had been so ill and helpless. Friends and relatives had been so supportive. The funeral service had been so uplifting. I had been so busy.

Now, my life is settling down, I am enjoying new challenges, planning new adventures, and suddenly I realise she isn't there to listen to my exciting stories, to share in my joy or to see a fabulous photo I have been sent of her great grandchildren.

I still haven't cried but I came very close to it when I found a letter had been hand-delivered. It was a card, designed by the Church of England, from the Vicar and his wife, telling me they hadn't forgotten about Mum...... or me.

On the way home I saw the starlings preparing to roost for the night. Not the biggest murmuration I've see by a long way, but I was glad they changed their minds about settling and rose again into the air.

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