Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Saturday Lunch

Just don't ask why, when I'm near the lake and I've a lovely vase of dead tulips, I'm choosing to blip lunch. I'd thickly sliced a fresh home made loaf made by The Man and I'd reached for the egg slicer when I couldn't resist getting the shot.

We are at the holiday lodge cleaning, though if I hadn't brought the loaf and boiled eggs we would have had no cleaning to do! I gave the last guests a bit of a treat and, in return, the lady washed the bedding and left the place spotless.

However, about the egg slicer. Mum caught sight of it in a huge supermarket beside the canal in Nottingham. She loved the weight and quality of it and wanted to buy me it for the boat. the boat.No, it was too good for that and it was better than any other I had so, what did I do with it? Swapped it for the one in the lodge so the guests get the best stuff! The boat can have one of my others.

It's a joy to use!

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