Evening in Sydney

I am staying overnight in Sydney as I start my journey home.  The flight from Melbourne was uneventful and I spent the afternoon and evening in the centre catching a last few shots of the Bridge and Opera House  I really wanted an evening shot but the weather was not in my favour.

I started with a little bit of shopping and then headed for the harbour.  The storm had been brewing and started just as I managed to get my waterproof on.  Sydney rain seems wetter than most - there is just so much of it!!  I decided that MacDonalds (it was close by) seemed a good idea for a while combining eating and sheltering.

I moved on round the Harbour, Opera House and through the Botanical Gardens to where I knew I would get the view of  the Opera House in front of the Bridge.  The weather ranged from drizzly to breezy but clear and then back to rain.  I patiently waited for the lights to come on managing some shots with the camera on a bean bag on a bin! Eventually, just as the lights were right, I had to abandon my attempt as I couldn't keep the rain off the filters and I also couldn't see what I was doing.  I really needed an assistant with an umbrella and a torch!

So this is the best attempt!  Like the elusive koalas, this shot will have to wait for another occasion.

Tomorrow I fly up to Singapore.  I hope to get a flight out to London but I fear I may not as there are very few spare seats and several of us wanting the stand by option.  However, there are worse places to have to spend a day or so.

Tomorrow is also MonoMonday with the theme of 'On the Move'. As I am hosting March you can see why I have chosen this theme - I suspect my blip will feature some aspect of Changi Airport.   Please tag your Mono blip mm57 and I will look at them as soon as I can. Forgive me if I am a bit slow this week but circumstances are a bit tricky for the next few days.

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