Tales of the Riverbank

duck swimming along
in the fast flowing river
whirled by whipping wind

It was very hard to take any shots due to the strong cold wind almost blowing me over...

Thanks to  Chandler63 for hosting Mono Monday :)

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and comments.

This morning I've been to the Dr with pounding heart and thumping head, and very emotional... My blood pressure is sky high and I have been signed off by the Dr with 'stress for a couple of weeks (she would like me to have a month off)' :(  

This does not bode well for me in the current work situation and I'm unlikely to get sick pay...  

Anyway, I feel I can't go anywhere because I am 'off sick', as work people are likely to see me and say things...

BUT the Dr says that she would encourage me to get out and about in the fresh air, it will help.  Also I must rest and sleep when I need to.  If its in the day, then so be it!

Hoping for a solution to everything soon....

Happy Monday folks :)

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