Nothing happens here...

By StuartDB

Moved along a bit since the first Blip of the cottages - showing 2 days work.    Now 7 days into the project and it's starting to look more like the real thing but the major transformation takes place when it's photographed in-situ.  Not sure when that will be, but very soon.  This is my first attempt at a dwelling for a long time so I'm learning as I go.  I think for my next model house I'll make my own window frames instead of 'shop bought'.  I may even try scratch building my own drain pipes and guttering.  The roofing is made from Will's plastic sheet but I wouldn't recommend it highly, it's difficult to cut and inflexible.  I'll try Slaters plastic sheet next time.  Full marks though to Evergreen plastic angles, sheets, strips and rods.  Excellent.

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