Morning Blizzard

Being rather wrapped up with work it hadn't even occurred to me to look at the weather forecast for today, so this blizzard came as quite a fun surprise. I think other people had been warned because there weren't too many around. Usually the market is a flurry of activity itself first thing, with stall holders setting up, but there was only one brave soul there wondering whether it was worth the effort. I'm not sure it was.

I spotted a great subject for a portrait walking through town with a phone to his ear. He was wearing a cap of snow. I didn't have a hat on either but the snow wasn't settling on me. I guess I'm just hot-headed! I started following him in the hope that he'd finish his call but it went on for a long time. It had just got to the point where I didn't think I could stalk him any further when he finished - and I pounced. Fortunately, he was a good sport. His snowman look wasn't quite as wild as when I first saw him but it still made for a great portrait. On a very busy day it was good to have my blips in the bag nice and early.

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