By Photogen

Moorland Walk

On a trip to Balmaha the Stockiemuir and the Arrochar Alps looked fabulous. As I was being driven on this occasion I was free to lower  the window and grab a few frames along the way with my iPhone. At the time I did not notice this chap as I was more intent on shooting between roadside bushes and not dropping the phone, which shows the limits of perception in a rapidly changing situation. However, I decided on this shot as the figure's red suit and key position made a perfect foil for the browns and blues.

Incredible views from the little hill at Balmaha across Loch Lomond to the 'Alps' were captured later, but my attraction to the unique picture that can suddenly materialise won the day - even if I didn't really appreciate this fact till later. So shades of Antonioni's 1966 cult film 'Blow Up' which examined the existential nature of reality interpreted through photography, where enlargements revealed more than the photographer ever saw. Thankfully, here the figure is very much alive and not horizontal in the snow! Such a discovery on flicking through my photos would have changed the course of the day. 

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