Journey Through Time

By Sue

Blue Ford Pickup

Bill and I went to Sauvies Island today (which is a major chore to get there, so thanks Bill!)  and we had a lot of fun.  I'm featuring this wonderful old truck, surrounded by fantastically beautiful daffodils that is one of three trucks decked out in their flowery best.  They are in the entry of a very ordinary looking house, but these trucks are a show stopper, if I've ever seen one.   I'm begging you...PLEASE take a short trip to the Flickr Album I did for this outing.   We saw the most amazing thing, called "Kettling" with about 12 eagles, adults and juveniles,  that were circling together in a lovely sky dance.  There were other people watching this and they were experienced bird watchers and informed Bill and I of this behavior.  I've seen vultures and hawks do this, but I've NEVER, IN MY WHOLE LIFE, seen 12 eagles in one place before.  Amazing...utterly amazing.   It was nothing that I could photograph that would come out, so you'll just have to take my word for it.    

We saw a Great Blue Heron rookery, which was right where the eagles were circling.  We also learned that Herons will often only raise one chick and the weaker chick will get kicked out of the nest, one way or another, and then the eagles can grab an easy meal.  That, of course, I photographed.    (The rookery in the trees, not the eagles eating chicks.) 

It was stunning out there today and the views were amazing.  Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and the tippy top of Mt. Rainier were all visible.  The first place we went to see the birds was so drop dead gorgeous, I couldn't believe it.  The little lake, the shrubs and trees, the white egret wading in the water, the ducks and the Sandhill  Too bad the scene wasn't closer to us, but it still was so pretty.  I told Bill I wanted to build a house right there and have this for my view.  It looked like a painting. 

We followed two guys, also experienced birders,  to the next two stops on the 'bird tour' and also stopped to see the eagle sky dance and the rookery, and totally enjoyed the sunshine.  Along the way I snapped photos of barns.  Sauvies Island is a birders paradise and also a major farming community.  

We ended our outing by crossing the St. John's bridge and going to McMenamin's St. John's Pub and having a hot dog and fries.  I took some photos of it's interior and this place is so darn interesting.  It's a very old building and has a lot of history.  

Thank you for looking and I do hope you can take the time to visit my Flickr page.  I'd love to show you the beauty of Sauvies Island.

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