Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Island living

9 am this morning at the public dock in Montague Harbor we met the lumber yard truck that delivered the lumber H ordered yesterday. That was the easy part. Cart the lumber to the boat (the YOUNG STRONG lumber fellow could carry 2 10ft treated 2x10s at once. We couldn't) Here we have our 17' boat loaded with all these treated boards to replace old boards on the dock, the decks, and the steps -H's projects to keep him out of trouble for summer. :-) He's tying a few on top. Choppy ride back. Had to take a coffee break. Unload, carry all except the dock boards up the ramp before the tide got too low. The bay was now full of whitecaps and the dock was bouncing. (blew all day, actually) Another coffee break. Maybe this is the last time we will do this....

AND, yesterday we (H actually) noticed that our new (only 2 1/2 yr.) well water filter system pump is leaking. We are waiting for the "water guy" to email back when he can come over from Victoria - an almost all day thing with the ferry schedules. We are being conservative with the water.

I'm thinking that our 2 families, (should they read this) are happy they were too busy to come up here for the holiday weekend.:-)

Aside from that, all is well. My "program" of a little exercise, a little work, (sometimes, not always, these are the same. today it was. I also finished washing every window we have for another year.) and something creative, as well as observe some nature and learn something new, worked well in the sun today.......

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