Street Food

Many and varied are the uses of these old police boxes. In my childhood they had sirens on the roof which regularly wailed loudly at the threat of a war time air raid sending us scurrying to the nearest Anderson shelter in a suitable panic.

Nowadays they have been pensioned off and are mostly used to dispense coffees and ice creams to passers- by, although I read of one being used as a renting depot for do-it- yourself tools.
This one at the top of Middle Meadow Walk is a one man Brasil juice and wrap stop, with everything being cooked to order. I believe his chicken piri piri is to die for.

His Lordship and I were out and about to find a small house warming present for him to give to daughter #3, newly returned from Oman to live in Portobello.
She has invited a select number of ladies for a celebratory drink tonight, and while HL doesn't fall into either of these categories, he has elected to collect me when I'm at the giggly stage, hand over his present, take a peek at the new abode and scarper!

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