Peekaboo Squirrel

Since I've been riding the bus so much lately, I've also been spending more time than usual on campus, primarily at the start and end of each work day. There was a possibility of more snow arriving for our area on Wednesday night into Thursday, but in the end, it was a storm that sort of fizzled, which was all right by me!

But when I got up, there was a bit of snow and the road in front of our house was not great. It didn't look like a lot more snow was on the way, but I rode the bus anyway, just in case; when it comes to winter weather, you never know. And ever since my husband wrecked his car last year in an accident that could very easily have claimed his life, we take no chances. In winter, I leave my car at home and ride the bus whenever the sky even looks at me cross-wise.

When I got off the bus on campus, I had time to walk a quick loop down around Old Main. There were red and blue and white balloons strung on the fence all along the mall below the Libraries. It was very festive, and I thought to myself: If there are balloons, most surely we must be having fun!

And as I continued down the mall, I admit I was on the lookout for the hawk I had spotted the day before. But I did not see it. I did, however, encounter some other wildlife among the big old trees where the hawk had been. I watched as a squirrel ran up one of the trees and disappeared into a hole in the branch.

I stood watching and waiting quietly (for if you are a wildlife photographer, you must learn to do this: that is, to wait and be patient), and then took a few quiet steps forward, hoping, hoping. And then there it was! First a fluffy tail, and then a little squirrel head popped out of the hole! And there it was, looking curiously at me. Peekaboo! And so there we stood, taking each other's measure, woman and squirrel.

It seemed to me that the squirrel was trying to decide whether to stay in or come out. And having had some rough experiences with the weather lately myself (you could say it's been more than a little bit challenging, and you would be right), I think I may have some inkling how it felt: Should I stay or should I go?

The tune: The Clash, with Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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