Real Estate: Scotia Barrens Beauty

Scotia Pine Barrens, Central Pennsylvania. Ideal as a weekend getaway or private hunting camp. Quiet nature setting. Whole-house air conditioning. Fine views from every room. Airy, open floor plan. Outdoor facilities. This home inspires a feeling of hospitality and warmth, beckoning family gatherings and social celebrations. Located in desirable State College school district, a mere 15 minutes' drive from Penn State. Needs a little work/fixer-upper.

The back story: My husband and I live about a 15-minute walk from the Scotia Pine Barrens, aka state gameland 176, in central Pennsyvlania. At one of the far reaches of the gameland, we discovered an abandoned Detroiter mobile home. There is a privy (outhouse) behind it; the privy is actually in better shape than the camper!

We believe the property may have been used as a hunting camp. Every time we walk by it (which is, to be honest, only about once every few years), we note its increasing state of decay. There is something fascinating about watching the rust win.

The soundtrack: I wanted the song to accompany this image to be from Neil Young's wonderful album Rust Never Sleeps. Here is a song from it: an acoustic performance of Hey Hey, My My. (And when you hear that line, don't you automatically sing out the next one? Yes, I do too. Rock and roll can never die!!!) If you like this song, here's more: the whole album, Rust Never Sleeps.

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