Not Again!

Week 2 of the CrossFit Open. This year 15.2 was a repeat of 14.2*.

When I first did this last year I wasn't even able to get 1 rep. A second go a few days later and I'd gotten 3 and was so so happy.

Pretty much one year later to the day how did I get on... beat last a mile... I got 20 reps! I've noticed such an improvement in my strength and these kind of workouts just prove it! I was aiming to just get through the squats so I'm really pleased I managed an additional 10 chest to bar pull ups.

*In 3 minutes complete 2 rounds of 10 overhead squats (43kg) and 10 chest to bar pull ups. If you manage that you get another 3 minutes but the reps go up by 2. Continue until you run out of time.

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