STOP right now, thank you very much

Poor Bean.  Poor, Poor Bean. 

Beau already met the Dog, Keavagh, at the front door and beat a hasty retreat upstairs.   

Bean had been snuggled nicely on the sofa, aware of a disturbance in the doorway, but unperturbed by it. 

As we moved the conversation up the hallway, and towards the living room, Bean's head rose above the arm of the chair, but subtly, her ears were flat  against the side of her head, and all we could see were her eyes. 

As the dog came closer, the head got ever so slightly higher, and as we roared with laughter, and the dog got more excited she said upright, but the ears remained flat. 

This shonky photo is as a result of much giggling and jostling trying to get a shot of her while almost crying with laughter, and of course trying to keep the dog at optimum distance whilst maintaining the flat ear look. 

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