By FlyingPRGal

Twinkle Toes

Friday flew by in a flurry of social media research, planning client meetings and news stories for the coming week.

I had a splitting headache most of the day, most probably from staring at the screen too long without breaks over the past couple of days coupled with my new past time as an insomniac (brain go to sleep damn you)!

So feeling rather dazed I staggered into Fig Tree Spa, the beauty salon in my village for some much needed sanctuary to recharge my batteries after a busy couple of weeks - Kent friends check out

I sank into the comfortable leather chair in a cosy nook upstairs in the wibbly wobbly building which, like most properties in the Medieval village of Lenham, dates back to the 1700s and has lovely wooden beams. The building has a lovely character to it and unlike some old buildings is actually warm and cosy making for a relaxing environment.

Daisy gave my toes a spring makeover with a luxury pedicure, soaking my tootsies, exfoliating, moisturising and massaging before finishing with a pretty pink polish called 'my little story' - how apt for a writer!

Like every good beauty therapist Daisy is a great conversationalist and we had a good ol' chinwag about the Fifty Shades of Grey film, which we both loved and I updated Daisy on my new work and romantic pursuits (always entertaining, seriously Bridget Jones has nothing on me lately...I'm giving up on men and sticking to aeroplanes in future).

For the first time this week I started to relax and felt grateful for this lovely little sanctuary on my doorstep and some much needed beautifying that every busy PR girl needs now and again.

A brief drive in the late afternoon sunshine with the roof down on my MX-5 blew the cobwebs away and I'm looking forward to more open top motoring this weekend.

I ended the week with an impromptu gathering with some of my best friends at my flying instructor's house for much joviality, aviation chatter, wine, chocolates, coffees and planning for more flying adventures in the weeks ahead.

So with my twinkly toes I tread into the weekend with excitement and the hope I can finally relax enough to get some sleep!

Have a fantastic weekend Blippers!

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