Fields, Sea and Sky

BB was up early this morning and we encouraged him to do his homework so we didn’t have the usual Sunday evening nagging.  He did some of his reading and his cello practice, both before 8am!!  Well done BB.

I gathered up some random vegetables and made a pot of random soup, and then as it was such a bright and sunny day, I stripped beds and got more washing on.  It was still very windy so lots of pegs were required again.

After these chores were done I got my pedometer out and went for a walk  - a local circuit with fantastic views all around.  My walk almost came to an end at one point as I came to the end of my track and discovered that the road ahead (the road I wanted to take) was closed – something similar happened to TT yesterday on his run when he joined another nearby road.  Our Council has clearly got to the end of the financial year with money left in its roads budget.  It is now resurfacing wee country roads at weekends – and no doubt paying its staff double time.  I was a bit dismayed as the only options were to re-trace my steps or walk down the side of a fast stretch of reasonably busy road.  Thankfully I managed to get past all the paraphernalia and machinery and continued on my walk (TT on the other hand had to take a detour through fields yesterday).  Even though there were signs at each end of the road that clearly stated the road was closed, I couldn’t believe the number of vehicles that came along and had to turn back – especially as it is a wee back road and it was a Sunday morning! Can people not read?  Do they think these signs don’t apply to them?

TT was digging the garden when I returned and I suggested to BB that he might like to assist!  He didn’t need to be asked twice, and went out and did a bit of digging too – but it didn’t last long!  After a bit more reading homework, he asked if we could go out on our bikes, so we did.  We had a lovely six mile cycle ride out along the river.  Coming back wasn’t so much fun though as we were cycling into the wind and he wasn’t too happy.  He did spot a magnificent heron in the river, and I spotted a tree with blossom coming out and another with a  couple of green leaves emerging.  Spring is here, though the temperature has dropped again.

I am feeling totally wind blasted now as I enjoy a gin and tonic in front of the fire.

Bliptastic today  - blips from my walk, blips of the diggers and a few from the cycle ride, but here is a view from my walk - looking over the East Lothian fields and over the Firth of Forth to Fife. Spot the oil tanker, the Lomond Hills and the world’s largest wind turbine off the coast at Methil!

Just to round off the day I have a response from ScotRail:
ScotRail is committed to providing a quality service and to run all trains on time.  I was therefore very concerned to hear about the cancellation you experienced on the 16:52 service between Edinburgh and Newcraighall. Regretfully this service was cancelled following an engine failure.  I can assure you that despite the impression given, every effort was made to keep the delays to a minimum.

I also note your further comments regarding this incident and would like to reassure you that your feedback has been logged for the attention of the relevant managers.

Thank you for taking the time to contact ScotRail.

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