Here there and everywhere

By digitaldaze

On the Shelf

On a section of our bookshelves here there are things from Cairo, Brasil, New Zealand, Scotland, Barcelona and Norway and some other bits and bobs. Oh, and some books.

A nice Sunday here. A walk before lunch and we bought a roast chicken to take home for lunch - a very Sunday thing to do here. Bb made the salad to go with it and a big jug of smoothie - papaya, oranges, banana, red currants, natural yoghurt, milk and fresh ginger. He's practising for being on smoothie duty for Philippa and me in August again! I made a big pot of tomato soup to last us for the next couple of days. We chuckled over The Celebrity Bake Off while chopping away. We only knew Victoria Woods - we'd never seen the other three before! Lunch at home - we're making an effort to eat in a bit more. At night we went to the cinema to see Selma. An excellent film, with great acting, despite it being a bit slow and my not being good with any kind of violence in films. A good Sunday!

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