Tales of the Riverbank

Noticed these Intriguing patterns on a duck's back as he preened :)

A beautiful day and a walk by the river Lambourn.  

So saddened to see the amount of rubbish in the river :(  Phoned the Local Authority, who said it was the Environment Agency, who said it wasn't for them, it was for the Local Authority to deal with....passing the buck or what???  Anyway, then I phoned the Town Council and it seems they have a team of volunteers that go out...but unfortunately not until the end of March!  

Sigh, if only I was fitter myself to do the clearing up...and if only I had the person or persons responsible in front of me for 5 minutes, what would I say...  

It gave me quite a headache, and I had to come home and rest.

Seems how life is these days (and that was nothing to do with work)!

Tonight I've got a life coaching session and I might have a trip to the woods on the way just before if there is going to be a nice sunset...

Happy Monday folks :)

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