Ice ice baby!

Not the most exciting photo in the world I know but representative of my day which is, I feel, the real essence of Blipfoto.

After putting it off for far too long I finally decided to defrost the freezer this morning. As you can see, it had got bad - worse than I thought really.

It's kind of counter intuitive to do it on a hot day but in fact the food was out of the freezer for much less time because the ice came off really easily. Very satisfying. And the melted ice got put in the watering can.

Spent the afternoon outside sorting out the front of my house. There is a ridiculous 2' wide but several feet long strip of grass between my drive and my neighbour's parking spaces. I see very little point in wasting a lot of time and energy mowing this - it's the only grass I have. With all the rain we had a few weeks ago the vegetation has got quite long but it's amazing how many sepcies of plants there are in there. So today I made it look like I'm not just neglecting it by cutting the grass short between blocks of the longer vegetation. Hey presto - mini meadows.

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