My friend, Lin, is a Support Worker at The Open Door Centre, a charity that meets at St Barnabas Church Hall, Swindon.  Today she and David, a member there, were hosting a display in our local library and Lin asked if I would go and take a photograph - so Blip sorted! 

Their leaflet says: 

The Open Door Centre is a specialist day resource for adults with learning disabilities who may also have physical disabilities and/or mental health issues. If you would like to read more, have a look at their website.

The Centre is open every weekday to welcome members and does wonderful work encouraging them to feel unique and wanted and there is certainly a need for places like this - and not only in our town! 

I had never met David before but he was very open and we had a good chat about where he lived and what he enjoyed doing.  I learned he had recently lost almost 2 stone by eating healthily and doing lots of exercise.  He told me he often walks to the Centre but today he ran all the way - it was good to hear him being so enthusiastic.  He laughed when I asked if I could go and live with him to see if he could help me to lose weight! 

A very worthwhile few minutes spent with an old friend and a new friend and I hope many who went into the library took the leaflets and learned more about this wonderful place. 

Every man walks his own path,
     and every path has its 
          fair share of locked doors.
You never know who holds the key
     to a door you’ll need to open one day,
          so you best treat people
               as if they are all

A.J. Darkholme : Rise of the Morningstar

Thank you for all your kind comments and stars on my 800th blip yesterday.  I am going back to see my physiotherapist on Friday, and hope that after that I will soon be back to normal (whatever that may be for me!!)  You will be pleased to know I am still smiling! :-)

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