Wideangle Wednesday – Leading Lines – WidWed02

This morning I announced to Mrs W that I would like to photograph a dike.  After I explained that it was ‘WidWed02, Leading Line’ she got the idea and decided we could go out and photograph some daffodils in the cultivated fields near Spalding, after all the rows would make leading lines anyway.
Well the fields of daffodils were green, and we wound up back at Butters   where she spent another small fortune on orchids and other flowers.  Heavens I could have bought a couple of pints of beer with the money she spent there.  Never mind, she’s worth it (phew!).
On the way back I did manage to find an old dike to shoot, but it got relegated to Flickr along with Rippingale High Street which I shot on my early morning walk.  The image I liked best was (another) shot of Springwells that I took on another visit to the surgery (as taxi driver) also this morning.

Thanks to Hobbs for hosting Wideangle Wednesday.

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