Particles & Waves

By EdwardFenner

Lily: In Memorium (1998-2015)

Lily, our 17-year old tabby & white cat, is exploring the undiscovered country. She shuffled off her mortal coil this evening. We had to do the deed at the vet for she could barely walk and was but a wisp of her former self. She was a sweety, a cranky old broad, and a midnight howler when she bloody well felt like it. Many tears of sorrow were shed, tonight. Much laughter and good memories will soon replace them.

Lily, so named because we got her around Easter when the Easter Lillies were in the house, never much liked the cold. One of her favourite spots in winter was to sit on the Apple router. It was always toasty and she'd often park her bum on it to get warm. So, it was appropriately called Lilly's Bun Warmer.

Rest in peace, little friend. You were loved.

For my favourite photo Lily at her prime, Lily steals the scene.

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