Friday feeling

Friday and so I've been at home today, mainly writing content for a pitch presentation I'd doing on Tuesday. All of the other agencies have already been in, I expect it is the usual Cambridge suspects and probably some poncey hipster London mob. 

Our Creative is great (mind you the competitions will be as well), our technology is better and we have more experience. I expect it will come down to personalities, price and cake. I'd better buy a lot of good cake ;)

Out for a sneaky pint at lunchtime, which I'm paying for now as I should have finished at 4 and I'm going to be tweaking content for another hour, at least I would be if I had not managed to get sidetracked by blip!

I can't complain though, Matt the Accelerant baker has had a really busy day. Here is is pictured with the 100 extra buns  and a load of other stuff he made for a school sleepover, which was all done as well as all his normal baking.  Luckily he has Curry and beer to look forward to..

I hope you all have a splendid weekend.


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