A glimpse

Sometimes I think I get a tiny glimpse of what the children will be and after helping Poppy with her homework this morning I suspect the chances of her becoming a Mathematician are outweighed by those of her becoming a Writer! 

H was on a course this morning so I was on homework duty. Alf just gets on with it (after a little coaxing), Poppy on the other hand found it really difficult to get back into the swing of it after the luxury of Spring Project. Alf had broken a guitar string last night so I re strung the guitar whilst she worked out the area of odd shapes, I then played encouraging music at her and said I'd only stop when she finished. It seemed to spur her on.

As a reward for them spending most of the morning working I took them over to Steak and Honour for lunch, another epic success. Then final Mothers Day shopping, which I did under strict instruction from Poppy as to which flowers to buy.

Counting down to gin o'clock now, can't be much longer can it?

Hope your weekend is going better than Jensen Button's. 

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