I finally succumbed to the disease last night. I think it is a pretty severe case of Bubonic Plague*. This is ironic as I'm reading a book about Bubonic Plague, I was reading it at 4am this morning, whilst drinking lemsip and being annoyed about having this terrible life threatening ailment*.

After a dreadful night of aches, sweats, coughing, spluttering and general mank I thought I'd better go to work. Forgetting that Tenison Rd where our office is, is now closed for months while they make it all nice and tree lined. I finally got in after chat with the foreman.  The rest of the day was good, a bit of sunshine and a walk down to see James to get some bathroom info at lunchtime as we have another one to replace before Hendstock. This is a key bit of house improvement as once that's done we can rip out an odd extra shower and sort out the spare room.

Anyway it was a lovely sunny walk, James was on top form and we now know what to do.

*I don't really have Bubonic Plague, I have a mild cold but as I never get ill I thought I should milk it a bit.

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