Journey Through Time

By Sue

A Journey of 1500 Blips

Thanks to everyone for stopping by to congratulate me on 1500 blips. That seems a bit presumptuous of me to say that, but I'm sure somebody will come to the party.  I have champagne! ha  Never thought I'd ever do such a thing.  It would have been more memorable, had it been consecutive....but I got here in the end.  I say that at every milestone blip, so guess I better quit gnawing on that bone. 

A warm, humid type of day, without the fluffy white clouds and brilliant blue sky of yesterday.  Just a tropical overcast day today, getting ready for another Pineapple Express.  If I wasn't going to blip a pie for Pi Day tomorrow, I guess I could have made a Pineapple Upside Down cake...haven't had one of those in years and years.  As I say this, the sun is getting stronger outside, so maybe it will break through later this afternoon.

So, remember...tomorrow is Pi show us all your pies!! 

Thank you for dropping by and thanks to Blip Central for keeping things chugging along.  

Oh, and this is our neighbor's flowering pear tree, one of several that is in glorious bloom at the moment.  It's a lovely thing to see out our window.  

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