Journey Through Time

By Sue

A Little Bushtit

Caught a little bushtit just before he left the branch to attack the suet.  Decided to play a bit with Picasa and this is what I came up with.

The new refrigerator was delivered this morning and the old one hauled away. I thanked it for it's service and bid it a fond farewell.  And I welcomed our new one with opened arms.  These new fridge's have so much better lighting and no food will ever get lost in this one.  One of the delivery guys said he had the very same one, and they really liked it.  So, I'm happy with this purchase.  So far anyway.

I was hoping that my 1500th blip would be on Saturday, but it's tomorrow!  I had it all figured out to coincided with Pi Day.....  3 - 14 -15  (You guys in other countries are just going to have to look at the date this way (instead of 14 -3 - 15) on Saturday...otherwise you won't have Pi Day. ;) )  So, I have to decide to skip tomorrow or just forget my clever little thing I was going to do.  Either way, there will still be Pi Day.  

A fantastically beautiful day and tomorrow will be also.  Then, for the weekend...the weather folk tell us we are in for another Pineapple Express soaker.  

Obviously, nothing of great import going on here.  And I'm tired.  So, off to bed.  See ya later.

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