tempus fugit

By ceridwen


The Old Man often reminisced that his passion for technology started as one of a huddle of schoolboys holding their breaths over a cat's whisker radio  "Yes, you can hear something....!!!"   and it would continue into his 94th year when a visitor to his hospital bed pulled out her iPad and his eyes lit up, as she told me, wondering if that was something he could have. But it was not to be...

Now, clearing his home, I am gathering together a vast collection of organisers, laptops, printers, tablets, mobile phones, plugs, chargers, hard drives, cameras and electronic devices of all kinds, the cables for which created a  linguini-like tangle of coils and connections beneath his table. The fact that in recent years his technological competency has been compromised by memory loss did not deter him from investing in new applications: recently helpers who tried to sort out his muddles were non-plussed to find his computer interface converted into Russian.


The title here also refers to the crisis that seems to have overtaken Blipfoto in recent days. If the site is about to flatline I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my subscribers/friends (I still can't bring myself to use the term followers) especially those who have given me so much sympathy and support over the past couple of weeks since The Old Man died. Even though I have been unable to respond I have read and valued every comment. Although I've only met very few of you in person your Blip selves have been vivid, individual and compelling in a myriad different ways. I would hate to lose touch and I hope that, if the worst comes to the worst, we will be able to stay connected via the Blipfoto facebook group or the 365project that many are joining: see you there! 

Is the carnival over really?

(Have a read of Earthdreamer's blip for a thoughtful perspective on what may be going on.)

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