'Titan Arum'

A nice relaxed morning and a bit of a sleep in for MsMun and I this morning which was bliss after a late night last night.

Late morning we headed over to Aunty Leng's house to pick up the kids. Stayed for a quick coffee and a catch up before heading into town. Leng joined us for the trip also. We wanted to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne to see the Amorphophallus Titanum or Titan Arum. This is the worlds largest flower and late on Friday afternoon it started to flower. The flower only lasts a couple of days at most and we just managed to catch it before it finally closes and dies tomorrow. It was just amazing, at over 3m high it certainly is a titan. And the interesting thing for me was that it has only taken one month to grow from nothing into this. It just doesn't seem possible, but as they say, reality is often stranger than fiction. Here's another shot I took for MsMun's blip today.

While we were there we heard the scream of the jet doing its flyovers for the F1 Grand Prix which was on just a couple of km's away at Albert Park. Then we heard the cars roar as the race started.

Lovely day out.

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