One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Farewell #1

(with a Mother's day flavour) 

As with many other things in life, timing is everything when it comes to farewells. 
As one does not know for sure when the rug of cyber bankruptcy may be pulled from under one's corporately-sponsored feet, one may be left wondering when is the right time to pour out all the love, and thanks for so many years of happily recording and sharing one's life. 

But that's one's problem.
Me on the other hand, I grab the opportunity to plaster my fluffy arse all over the interweb in all impunity while I still have a chance. 

Mimi was delighted to give a hand and write mememe2u on her dad's arse (google it, you'll find me) and take the photograph. 

Being of an (over)cautious nature, I have been backing up my blips for years. 
Unless Wingpig decides to share his backup mackerel with the rest of the community, I would encourage you to save your life, not one day at a time, but as many as you can before the plug gets pulled. 

I'll do all the thanks and how much you mean to me tomorrow.

Today is arse time! 

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