One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Asic of it

That's it. Molly has had it. 
43 times she has entered the Dun Laoghaoire Semi Marathon, and not once has she made it in the top 100. 
This year again she bust her arse training in the long, wet, windy winter permanights. For what? 
Sweet fuck all, that's what. 
She finished 101st on Sunday. 
She can still picture that lycra-clad cow, Fionnuala O'Sullivan, steaming past her in the last 100 yards. 
A chick barely in her 70s, showing off in her brand new Nike LunarEpic Flyknit MP (revolutionary ride, epic run - the lads down in the library cafe reckon that at least half of the statement is true...) 
Ah, well, bollix to that. Molly has had enough. 
She's been spreading herself thin anyway. She'll concentrate on her UFC skills from now on. 
This time next year, she'll be racing Conor McGregor in her lambo. 
For now, she drops her old asics by the solar bin.
And shuffles away. 

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